Check Cashing Company Part of Elder Abuse Case

Two women and two check-cashing companies have been accused of profiting from a scheme that had a 74-year-old man suffering with dementia as their target. The scam, reported in the article Woman carried suitcases of cash out of check-cashing business, elder abuse lawsuit says” from the Fresno Bee, was attempting to drain millions of dollars from the man.

The lawsuit alleges that the check cashing companies should have known that the 74-year-old widower was a victim of financial elder abuse by the two women, who are accused of convincing David Silnitzer to write checks totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Making matters worse, one of the women managed to get legal permission to oversee the elderly man’s assets, which were estimated at $6 million.

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Managing an Aging Parent’s Financial and Legal Life

As parent’s age, it becomes more important for their children or another trusted adult to start helping them with their finances and their legal documents, especially an estate plan. In “Six tips for managing an elderly parent’s finances,” ABC7 On Your Side presents the important tasks that need to be done.

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